Meetings kill ideas. Workshops make them a reality.

Interactive experiences to help you build the right brand strategy campaign website product culture faster.

Interactive brand workshop
Design Sprint Workshop

If you’re struggling to align your brand, differentiate yourself from others, or create something new, then a workshop is your next best step.

Based on design sprints, our workshops help you:

  • Accomplish more in less amount of time
  • Get unstuck and move forward 
  • Test concepts, ideas, and products faster
  • Get vital feedback from key stakeholders
  • Align your leadership team 
  • Innovate and come up with creative new ideas

Workshop types

From half-day to multi-day sessions, our design sprint inspired workshops help your team tackle big challenges, create and deploy new strategies, align your brand, define your culture, and design standout experiences.


Align and operationalize the 5 dimensions of brand: Culture (who you are), Story (what you say), Product (what you do), Experience (how you feel), and Identity (how you look), ensuring you make and deliver a consistent promise across every dimension of your brand. 


Demystify the process of naming. Our proven method will help you think outside the box and come up with a name that aligns with your brand and accurately represents what you stand for.

Product Development

Discover what products you need to design to best meet the needs of your audience. You’ll leave with a defined customer journey, value ladder, and product roadmap to help you strategically launch your new product.


Take a deep dive into your brand and build a culture around it. Learn how to accelerate brand success from the inside out by increasing productivity, reducing inefficiencies, and intentionally integrating brand values into the systems that support your most important asset—your people.

...their partnership has meant the world to me. I've been able to produce quality products and materials for our customers because Historic has been with me from the concept/idea phase, through design, to executing our marketing strategy. They feel more like friends than partners, and that completely changes the way I view my work.
Hannah Muñoz
Development director
Rooted Network
Virtual Brand Workshop & Design Sprints

Virtual Workshops

Our virtual workshops span from 2 hours to half a day and take place over Zoom, using digital whiteboard tools that allow us to collaborate in real-time.

Onsite Workshops

Our onsite workshops can span anywhere from half a day to a full day to multiple days.

We’ll come directly to you, or you can join us at our office in Phoenix ☀️.

Historic Agency Onsite Workshops

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Branding by Culture - Historic Agency
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